This is Eva, If there is a coffee shop or a flower shop is the dream of every girl, then my dream is to have a women’s clothing store. In 2016, I established my own online women’s clothing store. I am not a fashion design professional. I work hard to learn all about clothing. From fabric to style, I study hard. Slowly, I found that I was very happy to share the good-looking everyday wear. I started thinking about why I didn’t write a blog so everyone can see it. So, I started to build a blog. Although I don’t have thousands of fans, I still want to share more trend information for you.

I also like to watch interesting videos. I am used to sharing good videos with you. I will collect some videos about fashion from Youtube and share them on my blog. Let everyone have fun and information here.

Fashion TIPS this column I will organize the good outfit skills according to different body and different occasions, share and summarize the good outfit ideas for your reference, so that you can get the fashion information in one step. 

Eva finds focuses on bringing you hand selected fashion, beauty, and lifestyle finds from favourite online retailers! Fashion collection, solve your problem of the outfit. Sharing best styling tips every girl needs to know! If you like me, please subscribe to me.