Is the rebate guaranteed?

The rebated is reserved in our escrow account, so it’s 100% guaranteed.

Does this rebate exchange for review model comply with Amazon regulation?

Amazon has its own Vine Program providing free products to high ranked reviewers..We believe every reviewer deserves free samples as long as his/her reviews are unbiased and valuable.

What can I do if there is no verified purchased sign on my review?

There are two reasons for this problem

1. The reviewer use the gift card,coupon to buy the product or buy the promotion products. (Please avoid this kind of purchase behaviours.)

2. Sometimes it happen to Amazon cannot confirm that the product was purchased from Amazon, so there is no verified purchase sign on review.


But we only send rebate for VP reviews. There are two options. Keep it if you like it or return it to Amazon if you don’t like it.


When does website update the site with new products?

1. New product releasing could happen at any time, because we are trying to get good deal to shopper/reviewer as soon as possible.

2. Some deals may disappear due to daily quota, but it will be back the next day.


Any of my personal information will be provided to seller?

No, absolutely NOT. Hundsonvine.com does not have any of your personal information, except your registered Email address and Amazon reviewer profile.

Seller may get access to your other inform from other channels after you made the purchase, for example through Amazon seller’s account.


Can I select any color or size?

Yes. You can select any color and size.


How to cancel the deal I don’t want?

Log in our website and go to page ‘Deal Manager’. Find the deal and click the button ‘cancel’


What can I do if the product is already de-listed?

If you already purchased the product, please return it to Amazon. Otherwise, please cancel the deal


Can I return the product after review it?

No, you can not do that. It’s against our policy and you will be blocked from this site if you did that.

What does the error “The review is not written by you”, “the review is not for this product”, “the review date is earlier than request date” and “the review link is a invalid url” mean?

1. The review is not written by you: That means the review author’s Amazon profile is different to the profile you recorded in our system when you signed up.

2. The review is not for this product: That means the product you bought is different from the product you request on our site, or you the color and the size you selected is not same as the seller specified, please contact us for help.

3. The review date is earlier than request date: That means the date of the review is earlier than the date you request the product on our site, and please request the product on our site first the buy the product.

But if you buy the same products, but Amazon only publish one review, so please do not buy the same product from the our site, because we only provide rebate to first purchase.

4. The review link is a invalid url: That means the format of the review you submitted is wrong, if you cannot find out the correct review link, please contact us for help.


What can I do if I received a defective product or don’t know how to use the product works?

Please select the option “contact seller or contact customer service” in the page of “DEAL MANAGER”, the seller or customer service will help you solve the problem.


What can I do if I cannot submit the review within 27 days?

Please email us 4-8 days in advance if you cannot submit the review within 27 days for any reason, we will extend extra 10 days for you to submit the review. Otherwise, if the order was automatically canceled at the deadline time, it couldn’t be recovered.


Why the rebate do not including the sales tax and freight?

The tax depends on place buyers live in, not every buyers need to pay this fee, so the seller only provide rebate for the product price, not including any sales tax and freight.


Are there any limit on the amount of the applied product?

Only one product per reviewer per week.

Can I order the same thing from the same seller one more time just in different colour?

No, you can’t do that, because you can only give one review on Amazon, even if you order twice, so we only provide rebate to first purchase.


What’s the reason for insufficient credit?

1. Too many unfair reviews.

2. Returned the product after got rebate

3. Cancel many deals with no reason


Three ways to help you find out the review URL.


1. Find it from your Amazon profile.


2. Find it from product review.


3. Find it from the Amazon mail.