What are some fashion tips for working women

If you’re a working woman, it shouldn’t mean that you can’t be fashionable. There is something called ‘power dressing’ that every woman can do to look elegant, sexy, powerful, chic and professional at the same time.

These tips are applicable to the general corporate and non-fashion business office environment.

1) Choose solid colors including tops and pants with less or no prints. For example, the classic white shirt with black pants. If you’re bored of that combination already then its time to switch to wide leg pants that cover your feet. Wear them with a pair of black stilettos to look the ultimate office diva.

2) You don’t have to go with basic collared shirts all the time. Choose pleated necks, paper bag neck, round neck or peter-pan collar shirts/blouses. They would add a style factor to your look while looking professional.

3) Most people avoid bright colors in the office space however, you can wear a bright colored top/dress once in a while. If you think it looks a little over the top then you can add a blazer with a subtle color like white/black/tan/beige etc. to balance your look.

4) It’s fine to go easy on accessories but your accessories don’t have to be boring! If you’re dressed in a simple outfit, a bright colored stud earring or a simple pearl earring won’t hurt. You can also wear a nice watch that complements your outfit.

5) I understand that a ponytail or a neat bun may be the best hairstyle option for office but you can add a little twist to it. Go for a high bun, inverted ponytail, center-parted or side parted neat hair, for example. Take a cue from below picture. Also, it is always best to keep your hair neat and chic, while avoiding hairstyles that look messy or volumize your hair too much.

6) Don’t show too much skin. If it’s a casual dressing Friday then you can a wear knee length dress with a nude pantyhose.

7) Say no to winged eyeliner. Use the eyeliner or Kohl to define your eyes, accompanied by a light colored lipstick. If you want to wear darker lip shades, go for berry, wine, maroon, etc. instead of bright red. Matte lips look nicer than the glossy ones in the office space.

8) Avoid open toe sandals. A closed toe sandal will look nicer and more professional. Choosing the heel height is completely up to you.

9) Wear a BB cream or subtle foundation but avoid adding highlighter or blush to your cheeks until it’s a trend in your office.

10) choose a handbag in neutral colors and avoid bright colors.

11) A nice printed scarf can also pump up your entire look.

Basic wardrobe staples for working women-

1.       Basic white shirt, that goes well with a variety of bottoms.

2.      Ankle length or flared pants in neutral colors.

3.      Basic black stilettos, when you’re in the mood of taking no shit.

4.      Crisp blazer to put you in the ‘power’ mode.

5.      A pencil skirt for days when you mean business.


*Image Source: Google.